Saturday, December 31, 2011

last day of 2011

went shopping with friends, spent all the money i brought, even borrow RM5 from fishie, thanks fishie :P

quite tired, but at least i brought the things i kinda like~ hohoho~~

my new year wish, hope everyone will be healthy ^^

============= 3 hours later =============

about 11.30pm now, already 12.30am at korea

what i want to say is >>>



P.S im hungry

Friday, December 23, 2011




Friday, December 16, 2011

happy birthday to you, buddy cat

this post is specially dedicated to our birthday girl, catherine tng tng tng tng~~

1 candle means you are 1 year XD


happy birthday to you ya, my 苑儿~~

honestly, i havent buy the birthday present, owe you 1st lah har~

{actually i owe many people birthday present XD}

hope u keep crazy-ing like that

hope u can be a teacher successfully

hope u healthy always

hope u everything ok~



Friday, December 9, 2011


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

out like rabbit, in like turtle

ok, i mean my money...

just now bought 3 things, a SM Town concert, a SuJu concert thingy, a comic...

the SM Town concert quite ok...

the comic of course ok!! XD

but the SuJu concert one, have 3 DVD and a CD. only one among them i never watch before... quite a waste...

and now i want to sell one of my collection, i posted on the facebook group, be ignored =.=


i have to save money again!!! for the Super Show 3 CD!! i really want it!! money please come in like rabbit~~

with a cute picture of SuJu in Super Show 4~~ ^.^
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti~~


2011 MAMA in Singapore~~

Singapore's Choice Award

Best Male Group Award

Album of the Year Award

actually i expect Super Junior to get the Artist of the Year Award...
unfortunately... haiz...

but Album of the Year Award is great too~!
it proves the power of the ELF!!
it proves the effort of Super Junior!!

Golden Disk Award have to fight again!!
Go Go!! Go Go!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

can rest for a week...

phew~ today, the hardest day among the exam days, coz got 2 papers, both essay paper...

finally had pass~~

next tuesday only got exam, geo paper, hope wont be too hard...

YES!!! today got MAMA!! so bad i cant go coz it held at S'pore...

fortunately 8TV will show it, although no red carpet, although its later, as long as i can watch my SuJu~~ ^.^

actually YouTube MNet got live one, but its too lag... i rather continue facebooking, a lot of my ELF friends in facebook will post the photo of the show... they are fast hand XD

just now i watch a bit from youtube, they got an award!!
Singapore Choice Award winner——Super Junior

woohoo~~~!!! m'sia choice will be u too~~ XD

Saturday, November 26, 2011

light = not heavy

having my super extreme final test>>STPM

yes, like the title said, still not in heavy mood, still continue my life like im not having any exam XD

today saturday, tuesday gonna have 2 papers, macro-eco and geography physical... planned to study geography today, then eco the next 2 days...

of course, failed XD online the whole day, playing FB games whole day, youtube-ing whole day...

i use this new laptop to online, coz its new, and its fast...

before yesterday night, this laptop still belongs to my dad, i will stop using when my dad come back...

yesterday night, my dad said he give this laptop to me... i think is becoz i keep using and he seldom use... really seldom seldom seldom... and seems he going to buy an ipad for himself... dad, let me play a while ya when u get it XD

i will try my best not to online 2moro... i will try my best... hmmmmm... i cant promise... i try my best.... XD

P.S. someone please stop snoring...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

short one

1) last wednesday i didnt go to school, forget to inform them who tumpang my car... sorry sorry sorry!!!

2) last thursday prepare for kah yuen's present, collecting wishes note...

3) last friday celebrating kah yuen's birthday, actual date is today... play a lot, until skip lesson :P

4) last saturday, my donghae's birthday~~ Happy Birthday Donghae Oppa~~ and... went to KL with black ant, all going smoothly~

5) today finally finish watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood!!! whoa!!! nice!!!! love it!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


"here is room no. 13"


today got the trial overall result...

muahahahahaha!!! im 13th!!! 13th!!! 13th again!!! muahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

i cant stop happy-ing... muahahahaha!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i try to put my heart here

dont blame me keep releasing negative ions at here... this is the place i can speak out all the unhappy things that i usually not comment in real life...

1. please stop quarreling for those little-sesame-green-bean-like things, ok??!! even yelling and shouting... compete for louder voice??!! want to shout?? go sing lah!!! ok... stop already... after that still want to repeat and repeat and repeat again... what lah??!! ok ok!! let u win lah!! ok??!! happy??!!

2. because of that, a lot of money was spent... thats mean in the future, if i want to continue study, i maybe cannot study in private u, thats mean i maybe have to study in local u. if i want to get into local u, thats mean i have to study harder. this trial exam, 4 subjects, 2 pass, 1 fail, 1 unknown. even have the tips from teacher, also can only get a PASS only... urg!!! dont force me to do what im not interested~!! otherwise, FAIL will be the result..........

deep breathe~ ha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ho~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Saturday, September 17, 2011

is that me??

when i saw my friend posting those entry about scolding who who who, complaining who who who, who who who annoying, i always thinking "is that me??" even though i actually did not did that, i will also recall "i did that??" XD

ehehehe~ im crazy sometimes :P

Friday, September 9, 2011

too excited XD

too excited because of Super Junior won the 1st place in music bank!!

keep jumping, jumping non-stop XD

when sit down, facing the computer, things around me look turning...

hahaha!! because of too excited, and the hungry-ness, feel dizzy again...

can skip study again?? XD

Thursday, September 8, 2011


woke up in the morning, feel like my room was turning, feel like made a few turn, feel dizzy @.@ feel like i can fall down anytime...

first time feel like this...

luckily today's paper is objective paper.

can i dont study today? still feeling headache :P

almost lost my SuJu ring, luckily it just stuck in my clothes XD

la la la~~

2moro good luck too~~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

you are my everything~

suddenly think of this song, donghae's version... ehehhehe~~

"you are my everything
nothing your love wont bring
my life is yours alone
the only love i've even known
your spirit pulls me through
when nothing else will do
every night i pray
on bended knee
that u will always be
my everything~"

donghae oppa sings for his dad who live in the heaven

p.s my computer table is full with ants, my right hand which using the mouse will suddenly feel pain, because bitten by the ants, several times already, dont know where they come from =.=

please pray for me, wish me can pass the trial...

Monday, September 5, 2011


totally not in exam mood...

"eh? 2moro exam ah?" what i always say when the exam is around the corner :P

everyone is stepping forward...

im standing still, didnt move at all...

i can do well in what i interest in, what i like, what i love, what i want...

unfortunately, these... what im doing now... totally not the things...

"i want to give up" i wont say this, because if i say this, i will be looked down by the people who try to do their best...

"i will do my best" i wont say this either, because i really not in that mood...

future, full of mystery ^^

Monday, August 22, 2011

using dad's laptop

August 22 2011 Monday Rainy

someone ask me to update blog more frequent. jelly~ i heard u!!

ah~ rushing geography project... have to hand in by this week... coz next week holiday, after holiday trial, have to pass this up before trial...

my target... today finish, tomorrow print, the day after tomorrow pass up!!

i think i can do it... if i stop onlining now!! XD

this line is much more faster!!

i want super junior's 5th album!! version A and version B!! i will get them one day!!

while rushing project, listening to seoul fm~ nice!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i live in my house!!

"already half year lor~ u dont know meh???!!"


what u expect people to if u not telling...

want to add that "U DONT KNOW MEH??!!'' somemore...

im not the worm living in your stomach ok...

p.s im actually not very close with that people XD so its normal that people not telling me XD

Sunday, July 31, 2011

2nd series~

second photo of them ^^

from eldest to youngest


his hair... really... hmm...


i like his jacket's colour and the moo moo hat!! XD


woohoo~ pink leopard partern~~


where is your pistol??


he is my lover XD


tell you something, there are 3 letters on his 3 fingernails >> E.L.F.


dont be so cute please~~



dont u feel cold?? =.=


still cant believe what u wearing =.=||


my second lover XD

Thursday, July 28, 2011

all of them~

is all of them~~

of course except 3 of them...

go go!! MR. SIMPLE!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the theme, the character

today i only know that there was a theme or concept for this photoshoot...

and a character for every member...

the theme: CIRCUS

and the character for every member, i already edit the previous posts to add in their character...

if you interested, check it out ;)

thank you~~

the last one...


of course is him!!


definitely his pose... definitely his style... definitely his facial expression...

all very heechul XD

no more next member... so i put the cartoon version here too...

unless SM Entertainment will give us a surprise...

its very very very cute!!!!

and the previous member cartoon version~ ^^

last second member~

again, today got two members coming out~

i dont know who come out 1st.

but i put him 1st.


what s sexy attractive pose~ XD



its our cute yesung~~ cute cute~~

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

today is..........

today main character is.....


our pink shirt yesung~ love love~~

its time for yesterday's member cartoon version~~


next member is........................... who??!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

im the best!!

i cant even do better than people who had less experiences than me...

i think i should have a self-examination... (i hope i am sincere when i say this...)

i dont even dare to ask teacher why i cant make it... afraid of the bad comments...

but at least i have something that can comfort myself~

at least they think im the best~

please just leave me stay in my own world...

im Pisces... this is Pisces...

is you!!!

today's member is.............


really look different than before~~ love you too~~

who's next~~??


cartoon session for yesterday's member~

1st version>>>

i think i saw the bunny tooth XD cute~~

and the 2nd version>>>

those fans really good in drawing~~ love love~~

Sunday, July 24, 2011

ok, next member please~

oh yeah!! is him!! my lover!!


is my target too XD


love you so much~

waiting for your cartoon version ^^

miss you too ^^

HANKYUNG ssi, i miss you already~

again, a strong fan made this, its really looks real!!

again, good job fan!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

miss you ^^

its KANGIN~ miss you so much~

i thought it was real when i 1st saw it... however is was made by a fan...

but i still love it!!!!

good job, fan!!

a P.S.

kyuhyun's cartoon version, obviously this cartoon style is different with previous's style...
waiting for that style...

===============next day===============

finally found the "original" cartoon style of my dear kyuhyun~ ^^

2 members in one day!!

on the same day, another member appear...

my dear~


why u want to appear same day with shindong ssi??

let me see your beautiful eyes please~

hmmm... who will be the next??

====================half an hour later again===================

shindong's cartoon version detected....

who's next~~??

yes!! munyi!! he really appear!! congratz!!


what a blink gun XD

oppa, i like your jacket colour!!!

plus eeteuk's cartoon version ^^

Friday, July 22, 2011

he break the rule =.=

HEECHUL ssi, dont be so nervous, must come out one by one lah~

he always do a lot of unexpected action, he post this photo himself on his twitter =.=
heechul ssi, today is eeteuk's turn lah (although he posted earlier than eeteuk's teaser image's news)

or...... when his turn, there will be another photo??? ^^

=============5 DAYS LATER=============

i think this picture is made by fan too... thats why he tweeted this =.=||

sorry heechul ssi~~


the next member...

yes!! our leader, EETEUK THE TIGHT ROPE WALKER!!

when i 1st saw it, i was thinking: who's this ah?? =.=

by the way, its cool!!!

ok, who's next?? will be munyi's shindong??

by the way...

dont forget yesterday's character's cartoon version ^^

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the next member ^^

the next member is...................

{jiang jiang jiang jiang~}


by the way...
yesterday eunhyuk's cartoon version...
the person who draw this really fast XD

who's next?? who who who???!!!

p.s. now i only know that My All Is In You is a sad song =.=

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the 5th album, start counting down...

Super Junior's 5th album will be release on 3rd August, members will appear sequentially from 20th July.

the member who appear the 1st


who's next??

P.S. i googled the meaning of DAMSEL, its mean 闺女 =.= any problem?? =.=||

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

random random

i want to ask a question: how come u guys can update blog so frequent ah~~~~???

nothing different these 4 months... i keep my lazy habits XD i really have to think of something that can motivate myself... dont tell me "trial is coming~ exam is coming~" for me, it will not working. maybe munyi's will work, "super junior will jump out from the posters if i study hard!!!" XD

a lot of work accumulated: PA homework, geography presentation, geography homework, revision bla bla bla... if you give me mathematics, i think i'll be more willing to do it... no maths here, all malay somemore~ really killing me~

i want to study something related to art or maths~ please dont ask me to memorize the factors, causes, effects bla bla bla~ politics somemore~ my god~ parliament, policies, courts, prime minister, whats their job, whats the function, how they be chosen bla bla bla... OH MY GOD!! WHATS THAT???!!!! cant they just leave it to those politicians?? i know "how they be chosen" for what lah~~!!! my god~~

now i only about these, is it too late... haiz...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


2nd march 2011 wednesday sunny

i got the funny video msg from my dear buddy, jellyfish mei hong.

i got the cute picture from my dear bestie, jian jian mun yi.

i got a birthday cake that shared with kwai fun from 4 of my friends, chui yee & kah yuen & kai yan & kar yin. {so many K.Y. XD}

i got a watch as present from biscuit rong pin and cat-eyes siew kuan~

i got a super junior glass cleaner from mrs. TOP, pooi yee

i got the picture mms from my primary school's best friend, mei foong.

i got sms wishes from cute junior shu yun~ crazy friend soong huey~ identical twins mun ee~ papan juin jiet~ and monkey lih sung~

i got so so so so so much wishes from my school-mate!! huan qing, jit ting, nyim kit, chen ling, papaya, matthew, wai hou, johnny, yee seong, kay hoo, boh yng, wen pey, pui ching, nijie, jahshni, mira, sabarina, siva, aisha, hayati, auni, see thoo, young yei, poi kun, weng kar, pei yew~~

and even my ex-classmate and ex-schoolmate!! kar mun, ken choong, yee theng, zhen bang, yoke kong, kiat keong, fong mun, pei ley, chia hui, pei kuan, yik mun, xiao tong, sook hui, wai yoke, yep jian, zhen ting, wan jun, chen lok, jia ying, pooi see, wai jun, mun jun, wen huong, woan jing, mun lok, pooi see, mei poh...

and a few juniors>> shan yan, kay keat, chai ying, michelle, wing jun, bee han...

and my ELF friends!!! and my facebook friends!!!

and my cousin sonia~~

and even my geografi teacher>>mr. Tan, gave kwai fun and i RM5 each XD

but... left one...

cutie didnt wish me~! T.T but i added him~~!!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

3 weeks already...

1st 2 weeks fever and throat-ache, the 3rd week got cold and kept coughing... now finally better...

but not completely recover... keep feeling there's something stuck in my nose and my throat... those mucus... cant stop... and my voice... sound like not the same as before... but my friends said nothing changes... so... it's just psychological feel or m
y ear's problem or my friends dont know my real voice =.=

super junior-m new members>>eunhyuk and sungmin!! i like their new songs!! TOO PERFECTION!! unfortunately... i cant hear sungmin voice properly!! ok... he sang for 1 or 2 sentences... but!!! effect added!! T.T and other one... My All Is In You (please refer to my playlist 1st song)... they sing the chinese version... where is sungmin's voice!! where??!! tell me??!! urg!!

anyway... i still love Super Junior... 13!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

love you guys!!!

20 February 2011 Sunday Sunny

feel like went to a war today... nervous, anxious, worry and finally happy ending~

really thanks you guys!!! my dear mei hong!! my dear mun yi!! my dear my dear my dear!!!

really dont know what to say... all i can say>> i love you guys!!! thank you u guys!!!

cant even concentrate for the tuition lesson, keep receiving m
sg, catching up for the latest status. even in the car, keep controlling myself not to read the msg 1st, there were two lives in m
y hands =.=

Super Show 3!!!! im coming!!!!


LimKokWing cool!!!!!

like this song's melody~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

waiting for holiday

january's school days, keep waiting for cny's holidays.

cny's holidays just ended, already start counting down for the next holidays.

tuesday is the holiday~

Friday, January 21, 2011

indecisive me

after i made a decision, i will always think "is it necessary?" "will cause any trouble?" "bla bla bla... then i will give up the idea... then end up making no decision...

just like now... i decided to attend the concert long time ago, even start saving money for it... the concert is around the corner, the related forum start popping out a lot of concert-related questions... "what to bring?" "how to buy the tickets?" "will be so tired at rock zone?" bla bla bla... these are my problems too... ah!!! damn!!! keep thinking too much lah me!!!

ok... talk about something fun... fews days ago i keep having weird dream... funny dream XD 1st one, i dreamt of onn and thoo had been kidnapped XD then the 2nd one, ahhahha!!! u guys wont be interested in this, im the only one who think this dream is funny... hahahha!!

and... i will try not to be so selfish... try to be understanding... someone do something must have the reason... i will try not to blaming people before knowing the exact reason... i will try my best...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i miss u~ computer~

12 January 2011 Wednesday Sunny

hoooo~ long time didnt touch my computer... my facebook, my blog... very outdated now...

just came back from school, from the lame sukan practice... long time didnt jog under the big hot sun... few days ago the weather was so nice, cool~ cloudy~ no sun~ windy~ today... the come back of the sun... made me just wanted to faint on the field...

actually i have time to keep in touch with my computer, but the tiredness and the sleepiness after school and tuition and the stupid co-curriculum ... i just lazy to switch on the computer, even unwilling to move my single finger...

our economy teacher had change, from a malay woman to a malay man... still ok lah... but rumor said he dislike the chinese... but till now he still quite good to the chinese lah...

our PA teacher had change, from an indian woman to another indian woman... luckily she is good... she actually is nice, but will be angry too if we did something wrong... luckily till now she not yet angry so serious...

our geography teachers didnt change... still the chinese man and the malay woman... i like the man... the woman... not very close with her... no comment :P

our MUET teacher changed half... we have 2 muet teacher... 1 for writing and speaking and another for listening and reading... teacher who teach us L and R didnt change... but the teacher who teach W and S had change from a malay woman to an indian man... i like both of them... so its doesnt matter it changed or not...

and one more, the BM teacher... damn it!! it didnt change!! still that damn stupid woman... because of her, i have to tuition at 5pm on monday!! and have the face the damn traffic jam after tuition!! the BM tuition there is good lah, the tuition teacher is good too~ he said he has a Ph.D... wow~ he teach much much much more better than that damn stupid woman!! its ok to have the BM tuition... but!! can i not to attend that damn stupid woman's lesson anymore!!! urg!!!

recently always feel tired and sleepy... hope CNY come quickily~

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hi 2011!!

1st january 2011 Saturday Rainy

1st of all, happy birthday to sungmin oppa~

secondly, happy new year to my dear family and all my lovely friends~

a lot of things happened in 2010. happiness, sadness, anger...

sadness and anger, these are bad, so let them go... by using your forgiveness and forgetful(XD)...

happiness, this is good, so remember it... by using your strong memory and notebook(XD)...

happy new year

happy birthday

and i love whoever i met in my life