Sunday, February 27, 2011

3 weeks already...

1st 2 weeks fever and throat-ache, the 3rd week got cold and kept coughing... now finally better...

but not completely recover... keep feeling there's something stuck in my nose and my throat... those mucus... cant stop... and my voice... sound like not the same as before... but my friends said nothing changes... so... it's just psychological feel or m
y ear's problem or my friends dont know my real voice =.=

super junior-m new members>>eunhyuk and sungmin!! i like their new songs!! TOO PERFECTION!! unfortunately... i cant hear sungmin voice properly!! ok... he sang for 1 or 2 sentences... but!!! effect added!! T.T and other one... My All Is In You (please refer to my playlist 1st song)... they sing the chinese version... where is sungmin's voice!! where??!! tell me??!! urg!!

anyway... i still love Super Junior... 13!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

love you guys!!!

20 February 2011 Sunday Sunny

feel like went to a war today... nervous, anxious, worry and finally happy ending~

really thanks you guys!!! my dear mei hong!! my dear mun yi!! my dear my dear my dear!!!

really dont know what to say... all i can say>> i love you guys!!! thank you u guys!!!

cant even concentrate for the tuition lesson, keep receiving m
sg, catching up for the latest status. even in the car, keep controlling myself not to read the msg 1st, there were two lives in m
y hands =.=

Super Show 3!!!! im coming!!!!


LimKokWing cool!!!!!

like this song's melody~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

waiting for holiday

january's school days, keep waiting for cny's holidays.

cny's holidays just ended, already start counting down for the next holidays.

tuesday is the holiday~