Tuesday, August 24, 2010

its fate!!!

hahaha!!! today really got fate with "13" this number ah... hahaha!!!

first... there were 2 teachers asked us to do the exercises in the workbook... eco and geo... u know what!! both are the 13th page!!! ahhahaha!!!

then... after school... we went to have our lunch... after finishing the meal... i go back to take my car... then i saw the number of the parking lot that i parked was number 13!!! wahahaha!!!

then... we went tuition... the teacher gave us some exercise... my answer for question number 13 was correct!!! ahhahaha!!!

ok... i know im crazy... hehehe... i admit!!! i crazy about 13!!! ahahhaha!!!

ok ok ok... lastly, happy happy birthday to my yesung oppa~~ yesung oppa, happy birthday!!


something not about 13...

had a MUET lesson today... 4 in a group to discuss... i was the one who speak... coz other members spoke before =.= after speaking, not only after, even when speaking, keep trembling lah me!!! my hand... oh~~ keep trembling and cold... but finally i managed to finish it lah... by looking the paper =.=

today's classroom very silent... because lack of 银嫂's noise... she sakit kerongkong lah... and biscuit also sick already... but she still go to tuition today... whatever... hope they can recover quickly lah~~ everyone drink more water ya~~ dont sick ah~~ take care!!

and and and!!! today cutie help us to take a workbook~~ so nice cutie~~

Monday, August 23, 2010


ok... come back to 23rd september 2010... hehehe...

today gave out the result... not the real results lah... just let us know the total marks... but not includng the malay subject mark...

hehehe... im the 13TH!!! hehehe... i know its not very good lah... but i like the number!!! hope that after include the malay subject mark, im still the 13th... hehehe~~


please pretend today is 22nd september 2010... hahaha!!!

whoa!!! went to pusing taman hijau (kampung or taman already ah??), for a charity carnival... at first i dont think to go, but my friends will go, so i only go (so much "go" ah :P)... bought a lot of food... purchasing stuff by using coupon one... forget to take photo of the coupon =.=

food we bought... chicken wings, fried wantan, popcorn, langsat(??) and bla bla bla...

eating eating...

dont be shy~~

~happy ending~

Saturday, August 21, 2010

miss you guys~

hari raya is coming... most of us will have a holiday... u guys also will got holiday?? if got, must come back ah!!! damn miss you guys lah!!! suddenly feel like want to go back to secondary school... when we having pj period, when we duty, when we ponteng, when we preparing for the camp, when we playing card in the classroom, when we listening to the songs in the classroom and bla bla bla... so much more!!!

mun yi >> jian jian
mei hong >> jellyfish
mun ee >> mrs. dong liang
kai yan >> gorilla
kar mun >> kera
rong pin >> biscuit
sin yee >> fishie
pooi yee >> mrs TOP
pui ching >> jing jing
siew kuan >> kuan kuan
pei ley >> pilipala
mei kee >> micky
lih sung >> monkey
young yei >> double Y
kiat keong >> kat kat

my lousy memory!! think faster!! still got who else!!!

T.T miss you guys...

must come back ya~~

and lastly... happy happy birthday to my lovely kibum oppa~~

Thursday, August 19, 2010







Monday, August 16, 2010


damn fuck shit stupid idiot foolish brainless insane pig!!! no... even pig is more clever and more useful than u this useless and brainless thing!!! yes!! is THING!! not even a human!!!

huh?? "sekarang puasa jangan bohong"?? hey u damn idiot!! im not like u ok!!! im not a malay!!! u damn stupid!!! prior statement, im not looking down on malays and this puasa custom... just like my malay classmates are so nice and good... but hey u brainless THING, do u know im not a malay!! im not a malay, so dont use this puasa custom on me!!

u also know now puasa is it?? ask me dont lie during puasa. ok! fine... but why u menuduh saya during puasa?? STUPID!!!

again... i really respect the puasa custom and im not dislike the malays... i just cant tahan that damn brainless thing!!

if i accidentally offended you, i apologise. SORRY. but this apologise is not for that stupid thing!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

no wonder...

no wonder today i caught by mr.tan; no wonder today cutie dont come; no wonder today no electric in the classroom; no wonder i felt that way; no wonder today im so bad luck...

because today is FRIDAY THE 13TH...

anymore ''no wonder''??

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

met wai hong...

wai hong came back for few days... we went yum cha with him just now... talked a lot, laughed a lot. and thanks wai hong for the treats~~

people who went: me, kai yan, pui ching, sin yee, young yei, kar onn, see thee and of course wai hong.

P.S. for rhino: you dont touch and dont bully cutie!!! cutie is belongs to attack!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cold war end~

phew... attack smile again... no more angry...

YY told me how cutie made attack angry... it was just a little thing... because of one sentence...

my opinion>> attack angry not because of that sentence, but because of WHO say that sentence...

ahhahhaha!!! i know im crazy and too fantasy... but just let me continue be such fantasy lah~

oh ya!!! today attack and cutie drink the same glass of juice!!! oh~~!!

oh no!! almost make this blog fulled with cutie and attack's story... hahaha!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

dont cold war lah~

cutie seems made attack angry today...

yor~ attack dont angry cutie lah~ cutie quickly say sorry to attack lah...

faster be together again~

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It Was You - Ashley Ballard with So Plush

love this song because of the lyrics...

When I think of what I've been through
I can see that you've always been there for me
To tell the truth I don't know what I'd do
Without you, none of my dreams would have come true.

(You are the one) that I have called for.
(Now my life) means so much more
(Now we can be) together forever
(Forever just you and me)
Me here for you
You here for me


It was you who showed me I got a friend in you
I always knew that you'd be right here for me
And it was you who stuck with me when the skies where blue
And it was you who stayed by my side, it was you!

Since the day you came in my life
I knew then that you'd be someone right by my side
Then you proved you're a friend to me
In my heart, forever you will always be

(You are the one) the one (that I had hoped for) I've been hopin'
(Now my life) means (means so much more) means so much to me
(Now we can be together forever) Together you and me
(Just you and me)
(There for each other)
And I knew it was you

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

It was you who was always right by my side
And I just can't do it; you helped me through it
We're friends forever, like best friends should be
You'll always be
a special part of me!

It was you!

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

It was you who showed me I got a friend
I always knew that you'd be right there
It was you who stuck with me when skies where blue
It was you!. I knew that I could count on you

[Repeat Chorus]

You are a friend to me. It was you.

KoKo Day~~

whoa!! what a fun fun fun day~~!!

our "foreigner from korea" mei hong go to SYS for hari koko... that jelly really excited until dont want to leave the school... she brought pepper's cool camera... me and kai yan keep taking photo by using that camera... so this time i took so few photo by using my camera... the photo by that camera really give different feel... a better feel~ i want that type of camera too~~!!

today saw a lot of interactions between cutie and attack... ohhohoho~~!!

then went to jusco... finally i bought "BONAMANA" repackaged album!!! but no card inside there, i thought got one... and bought 2 more novel... 2 is not enough for me but i have no money lah~~

we took these photos... urg!! that damn worker!!! next time we go she better dont work there anymore!!!

each person cover any part...

waiting for ur next come back~

Thursday, August 5, 2010

as cool as them!!!

how can their blog all cool-er than me?? i also want to make my blog as cool as theirs, as nice as thiers!!!

mei hong!!! urs one so much photo!! sometimes really cant be such patient to upload so much photo...

mun yi!!! urs one so colourful!! i think i also want to make my entry more colourful... to make people can remember what i write easily!!! hahaha!!! {everybody: u think this is text book meh...}

kai yan!!! ur background look so nice!!! when i dont like blue colour... i will change my background like urs one!!!

by the way, 2moro is the last day for exam!!! urg... today's ekonomi really so hard... not enough time to finish it... and the geografi... i wrote "eclipse" instead of "gerhana" =.= and i dont even know how to spell "eclipse" that time!!! stupid me... hope that teacher wont talk about this in the class...

conclusion, to make my blog as cool as my friend's, i have to update my blog frequently, so... let me online everyday!!! hahaha!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

update update~

hmmm... long time didnt update my blog...

couldnt online for 2 days!!! cant online really make me suffer!!! luckily mun yi taught me how to facebook by phone for free~~ otherwise, i will be very super very super very super boring!!!

these few days will be having exam, but... im still onlining =.= 2moro will be BM paper, and i dont even touch the book. ok ok ok... later i will touch it... opps!! is read...

im still waiting for my towel, my t-shirt and my bottle~~!! please come quicklier~~!! please please please~~!!