Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i try to put my heart here

dont blame me keep releasing negative ions at here... this is the place i can speak out all the unhappy things that i usually not comment in real life...

1. please stop quarreling for those little-sesame-green-bean-like things, ok??!! even yelling and shouting... compete for louder voice??!! want to shout?? go sing lah!!! ok... stop already... after that still want to repeat and repeat and repeat again... what lah??!! ok ok!! let u win lah!! ok??!! happy??!!

2. because of that, a lot of money was spent... thats mean in the future, if i want to continue study, i maybe cannot study in private u, thats mean i maybe have to study in local u. if i want to get into local u, thats mean i have to study harder. this trial exam, 4 subjects, 2 pass, 1 fail, 1 unknown. even have the tips from teacher, also can only get a PASS only... urg!!! dont force me to do what im not interested~!! otherwise, FAIL will be the result..........

deep breathe~ ha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ho~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Saturday, September 17, 2011

is that me??

when i saw my friend posting those entry about scolding who who who, complaining who who who, who who who annoying, i always thinking "is that me??" even though i actually did not did that, i will also recall "i did that??" XD

ehehehe~ im crazy sometimes :P

Friday, September 9, 2011

too excited XD

too excited because of Super Junior won the 1st place in music bank!!

keep jumping, jumping non-stop XD

when sit down, facing the computer, things around me look turning...

hahaha!! because of too excited, and the hungry-ness, feel dizzy again...

can skip study again?? XD

Thursday, September 8, 2011


woke up in the morning, feel like my room was turning, feel like made a few turn, feel dizzy @.@ feel like i can fall down anytime...

first time feel like this...

luckily today's paper is objective paper.

can i dont study today? still feeling headache :P

almost lost my SuJu ring, luckily it just stuck in my clothes XD

la la la~~

2moro good luck too~~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

you are my everything~

suddenly think of this song, donghae's version... ehehhehe~~

"you are my everything
nothing your love wont bring
my life is yours alone
the only love i've even known
your spirit pulls me through
when nothing else will do
every night i pray
on bended knee
that u will always be
my everything~"

donghae oppa sings for his dad who live in the heaven

p.s my computer table is full with ants, my right hand which using the mouse will suddenly feel pain, because bitten by the ants, several times already, dont know where they come from =.=

please pray for me, wish me can pass the trial...

Monday, September 5, 2011


totally not in exam mood...

"eh? 2moro exam ah?" what i always say when the exam is around the corner :P

everyone is stepping forward...

im standing still, didnt move at all...

i can do well in what i interest in, what i like, what i love, what i want...

unfortunately, these... what im doing now... totally not the things...

"i want to give up" i wont say this, because if i say this, i will be looked down by the people who try to do their best...

"i will do my best" i wont say this either, because i really not in that mood...

future, full of mystery ^^