Saturday, December 4, 2010

lucky day~

yesterday was a luck day~

yesterday i dreamt of hwanhee XD thats him~

i found a 50 dollar in my old purse!!! this is the most excited part!!! hahahah!!
P.S. "money" this word now can make me think of you, mun yi... hahahha!!

first time i play dandelion... it really can fly when i blow it!! ok ok... i already know it will fly if i blow it... but yesterday was the 1st time i play it... heheheh~

2 of my friend birthday yesterday~ see mei and monkey~ happy belated birthday~

ha!!! finally i try the cheese pizza!!! not sure my bro buy which kind of cheese pizza :P it taste good!!! love it!!!

heheheh... i found popcorn's facebook... XD

my bro successfully finish his game... seems this is non of my business XD

i watched beast's "beautiful" mv~ they so cute~ cute yoseob~ funny doojoon~ yeng junhyung~ mun yi~ your junhyung really look good!!!

i watched sm the ballad's debut performance on kbs music bank!!! on TV!!! oh~ kyuhyun's singing~ oh~ jonghyun's voice~ oh~ cute jino~ and absent jay...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

a pecking cat??

scared awake by a pecking cat =.= yes! a cat who peck!! yes!! it has a beak!! is it some kind of sign?? want me not to go near to a cat or a bird??

keep having weird dream recently =.=

ok... the cat i dreamt is much more horrible than the cat above =.=