Saturday, August 7, 2010

KoKo Day~~

whoa!! what a fun fun fun day~~!!

our "foreigner from korea" mei hong go to SYS for hari koko... that jelly really excited until dont want to leave the school... she brought pepper's cool camera... me and kai yan keep taking photo by using that camera... so this time i took so few photo by using my camera... the photo by that camera really give different feel... a better feel~ i want that type of camera too~~!!

today saw a lot of interactions between cutie and attack... ohhohoho~~!!

then went to jusco... finally i bought "BONAMANA" repackaged album!!! but no card inside there, i thought got one... and bought 2 more novel... 2 is not enough for me but i have no money lah~~

we took these photos... urg!! that damn worker!!! next time we go she better dont work there anymore!!!

each person cover any part...

waiting for ur next come back~


  1. curse that aunty worker!
    and whoops! I dun even know you name st as ATTACK!! CANNOT !!!

  2. why cannot lah... so suit lah~~

  3. hahhahaa! seems fun!! :D
    wow, i like pepper's camera too! ah mie, can u bring it out again when we hang out??? pls pls pls!

  4. lol! see where is pepper at that time :D take your cantik cantik photo ya :P