Saturday, June 30, 2012

6th album highlight medley

the medley song of the 6th album


i die again~~~

the second one is the ELF song!!! finally they sing it, i got a version which was not sung by them...

and look at sungmin!!!

oh my god~~ i die already~~

Thursday, June 28, 2012

not Prince but God

 i was wrong!! they are not princes, they are GODs!!

EeTeuk, represents Zeus, Father of Gods

YeSung, represents Demeter, God of Harvest

KangIn, represents Hades, God of the Underworld

ShinDong, represents Poseidon, God of the Sea

SungMin, represents Venus, God of Love

EunHyuk, represents Athena, God of War

DongHae, represents Artemis, God of the Moon

 SiWon, represents Apollo, God of the Sun

RyeoWook, represents Hephaestus, God of Fire

KyuHyun, represents Hermes, God of Commerce

 wondering why some of them represent a goddess?? because they are too beautiful until can be a goddess!! ahahahahhaha!!! please dont punch me!!!! :P

 P.S. when i find the picture of Venus, i found that sungmin's pose more look like this goddess, however this is not Venus but Aphrodite

P.S.II i saw a fans posted a photo about the relationships between the Gods
Zeus (Eeteuk) : something like the King of Gods
Demeter (Yesung) : Zeus's older sister
Hades (Kangin) : Zeus's older brother
Poseidon (Shindong) : Zeus's older brother
Venus (Sungmin) : Zeus's daughter
Athena (Eunhyuk) : Zeus's daughter
Artemis (Donghae) : Zeus's daughter {twins with Apollo}
Apollo (Siwon) : Zeus's son {twins with Artemis}
Hephaestus (Ryeowook) : Zeus's son
Hermes (Kyuhyun) : Zeus's son

P.S.III all photo are taken from internet :P 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

finally Kyuhyun~

the second member of today, and the last member of all...


our beautiful kyuhyun~~

look like he's waiting for someone...

he's the Prince of Love...


can i say he is the Prince of Princess Flora??


P.S. please tell me where to find the cartoon version =.= why nobody post one?? or that fans not yet draw??

my Siwon~

finally, the last 2 members is coming out today~

the first one...


he is the best model!! the best gentleman!!

the last prince, the Prince of Strength...

{when i think of what kind of prince is him, i looked at the photo, dont know why i think of horse =.= sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

Monday, June 25, 2012

dont forget Hankyung

it's made by fans too


you not with us, but we always be with u :)

ELF believes in Super Junior that including u...

miss you and love you~

Kangin is back!!!

another member of today



Kangin oppa~ so glad to see you T.T

so glad u finally come back~~

ELF already wait for u for a loooooooooooong time~~

our prince, the Prince of Power...

Oppa, welcome back ^_^

P.S. why nobody post the cartoon version?? i dont know where to find lah~~ =.=

my Sungmin!!

2 members too :D

the first one

OMG!! this is SungMin!!!

OMG!! so pretty~~ so beautiful~~ so gorgeous~~ so wonderful~~

Oh~~ My~~ God~~~~~~~

i dont think he is a prince of anything...

because he is a PRINCESS!!!

the Princess of Flora~~

oh~~~ im totally falling for him~~

i cant stop staring at this photo.....................................................................

Sunday, June 24, 2012

and Kibum too

really admire people who can draw :)

the fan-made teaser photo of him...


the Prince of Smile ^_^

HeeChul not being excluded

clever fans made a teaser photo of him too :)


they made him the Prince of Bubble :D

the fans really did a good job!!

with Yesung

dont forget the other member of today

YeSung :D

tree branches and green colour...

look like a Prince of the Forest...

a prince with a nature voice ^.^

P.S. yesterday i guess the wrong one :P

comeback of Shindong

there's 2 members too~

the first one :)

it's ShinDong!!!

white white white!!!

look like the Prince of Ice~~~

P.S. still waiting for the cartoon version :3

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ryeowook too~

 today's another member :D


dark purple and the flower thingy on his hand...

look like a Prince of Fire :D

the feel~ full of mysteries~~~

tried to wait for the cartoon version and post it together, but till now still dont have, maybe 2moro :)

but i saw this though, another cute cartoon XD

P.S. let me guess... 2moro will be Siwon... just guess :P

Eeteuk's coming!!

 today got 2 members coming out...

here's the 1st one 

yes, the leader EeTeuk :D

almost can recognize him... 

really like the eye's make up!!!

since his make-up look like a bird, so i think he's the Prince of the Wind :P

 and the drawing VVV

i like this author's style :D

Friday, June 22, 2012

sExy, singLe, Free

clever fans found the message that hidden in the album's name

im proud to be an ELF ^.^

DongHae's the next :D

the second member appeared :D

yes, this is donghae, LEE DONG HAE!!

when i 1st saw it, i was thinking "OMG~ he's... he's... he's... HE'S BEAUTIFUL!!!"

really beautiful, really beautiful, really really really~~

he's a prince, the Prince of the Sea~~

well, i think he can even be the princess... ahahahahaha!!!!

here's the fan's drawing, really good job!! i wish i can draw too~~~

i like these cute drawings :D 

naughty eunhyuk!! XD

P.S. author of the drawings please check the drawings :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

6th album!!! Eunhyuk the 1st

yes!! Sexy, Free and Single~ that's super junior's 6th album~~ will be releasing on 4th july~~

before the album be released, every member's photo will coming out one by one... like the 5th album ^.^

the 1st member who appear today :D

yes!! that's Eunhyuk!!

 his eyes full with little flowers...

i think he is the Prince of Flower :P

if im not mistaken, i remember when the 5th album, he also the member who appear the 1st ^.^

seriously, when i first saw this photo, i thought "this is  言承旭??"  ah!!! no no no no no!!!!! he's eunhyuk he's eunhyuk he's eunhyuk!!!!!

anyway, im soooooooooo looking forward to other members~~~

guess who will be the next~

P.S. today is 21st july~ Happy Birthday to RyeoWook~~ Happy Birthday~~

============= the next day =============

the cute drawing of eunhyuk :)

how come they can draw so nice~~ i wanna draw too!!!

P.S. the author has shown in the drawing :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

cut cut cut cut~~ haircut!!!

just had a haircut... i think its just like what i want...


 AFTER ^.^

so short is it?? luckily my hair didnt look too curly... :D

 GOTCHA!!! ahahahahahha!!!

sorry, i know im lame :P

this is how my hairstyle actually look like... :P

short hair??? will challenge it if i successfully get into a university :D

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

my social skill... sucks!!!

when my father's friend suddenly told me "my brother's son now study at kuala pilah, he used to study at ipoh one... then he changed to kuala pilah already... he just finished his SPM, he took 10 subjects and he got 10 As.", i dont really know how should i respond him... so i just "oh~ oh~~ oh~~~" and smiling... actually i dont even know why he told me i know his brother's son?? no idea~

another case, sunday i attended a wedding dinner, my elder cousin brother's wedding... same table with my uncles and aunts... luckily not sitting with the other cousins... really not very close with them... in the middle of the dinner, uncles and aunts start talking to me... "ah mei~ why yesterday didnt come?? {yesterday got a dinner at their home} we want to see you mah~ dont be shy lah~ last time your father came to visit us, why u dont come along?? dont always stay at home mah~ always onlining is it?? i know one, i know u like to online one~ next time follow your father come lah~ i cook nice food~ go to play~ bla bla bla bla bla bla...................." u know... the whole conversation... i just "oh~ oh~~ oh~~~" and keep smiling smiling smiling and only answering their question...


i hope i will get a job that no need to social one... =.=

Monday, June 11, 2012

im crazy and i know it XD

Kuroko's Basketball

the animation i recently really really crazy crazy about...

then i was too free and too boring and too crazy... 

then i made this... 


i found that the purple and green one not bad... XD

of course the blue one is the best XD

if there's people think im ruining this animation, please forgive me XP