Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy holiday~

stop thundering please...

i want to play
i want to hang out
i want to shopping
i want to yum cha
i want a lot of comics
i want to read a lot of books
i want to meet my friends

i dont want homework
i dont want to do revision
i dont want to tuition
i dont want to write essays

ok... stop raining please...

Saturday, November 13, 2010


am i look fierce when im not smiling?? i think so... that green pepper dont even dare to talk to me when i was just sitting there and doing nothing and looking outside... of course there was something happened before... the stupid brainless calculator-thief... u better watch out!!

im proud i can listen... but its useless if i cant speak well...

i think of so much things to buy... can only think T.T

that stupid thief had burden my purse... urg!!!

recently always cloudy...

why my post cant be coloured?? when i writing, i changed the colour... but after publish it, it change back to original colour one... why~~??

my goal: u will think of me when u see BLUE colour... wakakakka!!
jellyfish already become like this... hahahha!!!

let me fly in the sky~