Thursday, July 1, 2010

what a tired day...

today, almost the whole day, i kept yawning, even now im still yawning. i think its because of i slept very late yesterday.

hahaha!! today din, a malay classmate, spoke chinese to me!! i heard him speak chinese once only, then i never hear that again, until i thought he only know those few words. today!! he spoke again!! really accurate!! rupa-rupa he really know chinese...

today 1st july, birthday of eeteuk oppa. happy birthday to eeteuk oppa!! i thought today will release the "no other" mv, but no. dont even know is there any mv or not. and! i think the album that i ordered online will be coming these few days. coz i saw someone posted the photo of the album that she received. so i think mine one also coming soon. mr. postman~ please bring my album~

ok... finally... Happy Birthday again to Eeteuk oppa!!