Monday, August 22, 2011

using dad's laptop

August 22 2011 Monday Rainy

someone ask me to update blog more frequent. jelly~ i heard u!!

ah~ rushing geography project... have to hand in by this week... coz next week holiday, after holiday trial, have to pass this up before trial...

my target... today finish, tomorrow print, the day after tomorrow pass up!!

i think i can do it... if i stop onlining now!! XD

this line is much more faster!!

i want super junior's 5th album!! version A and version B!! i will get them one day!!

while rushing project, listening to seoul fm~ nice!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

i live in my house!!

"already half year lor~ u dont know meh???!!"


what u expect people to if u not telling...

want to add that "U DONT KNOW MEH??!!'' somemore...

im not the worm living in your stomach ok...

p.s im actually not very close with that people XD so its normal that people not telling me XD