Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a truancy day :P

coz our school held a program that not related to us, so we didnt go to school today :P but i didnt waste my time~ i did my homework!! although is not finished :P never mind lah~ the homework is not needed this week.

morning, 8.30am, was having breakfast with freinds>>kai yan, siew kuan and pui ching.
there was a little stray puppy, it is cute!!! i gave it some meat, it can just finish it so quickly!! it must be very hungry... siew kuan even gave it kai yan's unfinished noodles. when kai yan wanted to eat the meat, siew kuan didnt let her coz she wanted to give it to the puppy... hahaha!!!
and!! they table
beside us, i think they are husband and wife and a baby. they also gave food to the puppy. but!! they gave the shrimp's shell!! urg!! and the puppy just ate it!!! urg!!! siew kuan even peeled the shell before give it to the puppy!! siew kuan the best!!!

it's cute is it~~~??

let's go!! dream team!!! luckily i didnt miss it~

add one accident... accidently saw it...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

no other... a short journey...

wondering whats the title about?? they are the song's titles of super junior's repackaged album. "no other", its really nice!! its about "there's no one else like u, u r the best for me", the melody is nice too. i just love it once i listen to it.

"a short journey", a voice appear in this song, the voice that never appear in any song in the original album. its kangin's voice. almost cry when heard the voice. he had been fridge for a few months because of making mistakes. he is going to serve in the army soon... for 2 years... its a long time... but we will wait...

There's no other like u, we will be apart only a short journey...
In the future, all of us will be happy together again...

Must be happy always~

hmmm... i like him??

Hmmm... Today a girl went to know him, i think she just want to be friend with him. I was there that time. When i saw that, i was thinking "Urg!! How could she do that??!!". Of course she can do that, she has the right to know him, he also has the right to know other girls. I just... got a bit unhappy. Why? No idea... I like him? I dont think so. I just think he is cute. He is such a cutie~~!! Till now, I still dont know the feel of falling in love with someone. Hmmm... Dont think too much!! It is non of your business!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

1st entry~~

this is my 1st entry on this blog... my friends said its fun... is it really fun?? no idea...