Thursday, October 28, 2010

miss u...

i want to talk about my dream again... yesterday's dream...

this is the 1st time i dream about her... kai yan already dream about her thrice...

in the dream, in the school compound, i met her. she's wearing secondary school's uniform.

when i met her, i cant stop asking her:"where are u recently??!!"

i didnt get the answer from her, i woke up...

face was wet.

i miss you, su mun, miss you so much.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

singing practice =.=

i have to sing yesung's, heechul's and eunhyuk's part =.=

yesterday three of us too boring... so we draw 3 suju's song, each one sing 3 people's part. ah!! the songs are no other, happiness and wonder boys.

yesung's part no problem lah... those song are quite fast, yesung sing more in slow songs; heechul's part also no problem... his part so few only; the problem is eunhyuk's part... his a rapper T.T i sing his part, thats mean i have to rap T.T luckily got green pepper accompany... she got shindong's, so she have to rap too XD her rap must be BETTER than mine!! and she got ryeowook's and donghae's part... she's good lah... she want donghae's part the most... i want sungmin's part!!! aunty silver got my sungmin's part... and siwon's and eeteuk's part... and 4 other member's part... we sing together...


i would like to share a joke {i dont think its a joke, but the newspaper put it as a joke. not joke actually, is humor}


hypnotizing myself: i can rap i can rap i can rap....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

mirco and macro... big difference...

mirco, u are easier than i thought... of course still got questions i dont know lah... but really easier than i thought...

macro, u didnt fail me... u were as hard as i thought... until i didnt even know what was the answers... i know none of them... if i still pass it... i think i really can buy 4D or toto...

i found something: people who usually didnt wear a watch, their wrist will appear a watch during exam XD

talk about watch...
i want the watch on sungmin's wrist~~ so so so so much~~!!

hmm... sXatch look nice too... but i think i still prefer oXm :P

after i start working, i must buy a REAL oXm watch!!! wakakakka!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


still having exam... 2moro will be sitting for microeconomic and muet writing... both not confident... {what what antivirus bla bla bla stop popping and disturd me!!} th
e damn teacher wont let us take maths until there are 15 people, we have only 11. feel like want to ask her face to face! "why??!! any difference between 15 and 11??!! is it because of most of us are different race with you??!!" {there were only 1 M among us} of course im not as brave as me who live in my imagination.

exam, can u pass quickly-er?? feel like cant deal with the you lah. and you really make me feel annoying lah!! i hope the exam go away go away go away and i'll be free!!! i think i can absent anytime after exam... dont think i still have the going-to-school mood after the damn exam...

i found something. after one subject finished, most of us will said "yor... dont know how to do lah..." "huh!! ya meh??!! like this meh??!!" "yor!! then i did wrong already lor!!" {actually i am the one who said those the most =.=}

finally Super Junior Super Show 2 DVD is released!! of course i will get it!!! but later later and later... the SUJU local forum sent me a msg about ordering this dvd... guess how much is this... RM130!!! its including the shipping fees and postage. inside contain a photobook and a poster... i hope i can have the photobook and poster... but i think its only for the pre-order... i can only buy it from the shop... coz i think it will be cheaper... bankrupt!!!