Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival ^^

it is when a plant full with lights...

it is when surrounding full with brightness...

it is when the lights never end...

is it when the sky look bright at night...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone ^v^

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monopoly... DEAL!!

crazy about the new game now


thanks to mun ee show it to us, teach us patiently. if im not mistaken, she already explain how to play it 3 times to different people... hahhaha!!! and this mun ee, became more lame after study in singapore =.= keep telling the cold jokes and teach us to play those lame magic... but we had fun~~!!

when we can have these fun again??

Sunday, September 19, 2010

*shew* something fly away

12 months ago, i was still a form 5 student.

11 months ago, while everyone fighting for SPM, i was doing nothing.

1o months ago, i was having SPM.

9 months ago, i was enjoying a trip with my friends.

6 months ago, i had my 18th birthday and had my SPM results.

4 months ago, i started my form 6 life.

2 weeks ago, school holiday started.

3 hours later, school holiday end.

10 hours later, school day start.

a month later, i will had my final exam.

2 months later, i will have my year end school holiday.

3 months later, school days start again.

6 months later, i may be watching SUPER SHOW 3.

hmmm... i think i heard something... something fly away.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

holiday end

2 weeks holiday, just wasted the time on games, online, and did nothing benificial. didnt touch any books, didnt even pick up a pen to write anything. yesterday tuition, feel so weird when writing. and, almost forget what is the school-end time on monday.

Geografi--Mr. Tan, i really like you, but please dont make me scare of you.

Pengajian Am--Miss Yogesh, i like you too, dont pretend that you are scary.

Bahasa Melayu--Pn. XXX, i really not interested in you, and, one day, i will drop this subject because of you.

MUET--i have 3 MUET teacher, but i still miss Mr. Ben.

Ekonomi--among these subject, i like this the most, both teacher who teach this subject in school and tuition centre are good and nice.

teachers, just let me enjoy my form 6.

"form 6 is not for u to enjoy!! u must work hard and fight for u future!!"

the teacher must reply me like this.

Friday, September 10, 2010

i dreamt

last night i dreamt something about SuJu :P

the story:

recently, there are just 10 members are performing, hankyung had left, kangin went to join the army for 2 years, and kibum concentrate on drama.

one day, they were kidnapped. all of them, 13 of them.

{next scene}there was a stage, covered by a curtain, full with audience. Then, the curtain rised. 13 of them were sitting on the chairs. performing. singing.

the kidnapper just want them to perform, all of them--13 of them perform together.

this is my dream, and my hope...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Book Fair

this was the 1st time i went to kl's book fair and came back without any books =.= because i really lack of money... and there wasn't any book that im interested... but never mind... my bro bought a lot of books... i will also read the books he bought... i already read some of his books that he brought back from taiwan... i love one of them... what what blood type ABO one(this one just bought from the book fair)...

so good can met mun yi at there... and thanks mun yi can come and meet me~~ miss you so much~~ p.s. she went crazy when she saw the writer of that "哥妹俩" =.=

i thought i can meet mei hong too... but she still having exam that time... im waiting for her come back... come back to bg and hang out!!! go karaoke!!! go shopping!!! go movie!!! p.s. i can just do one of them... if hang out... dont karaoke shopping movie sekali gus ya~ :P

holidays is starting... I LOVE HOLIDAY!!!

and lastly... Happy HAppy Birthday to my Lovely Lovely Sis

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Barbeque Night o(^.^)o

it was last saturday, dont know why my computer became so lag and made me lazy to switch on the computer to update my blog and continue the games in facebook... even now also keep lagging...

so much friends came back from other states. M.Yi, S.Mei came back from KL; L.Sung came back from Penang(is it??); K.Keong came back from Seberang Perai; Z.Bang came back from PJ or Melaka?? and other friends that long time no see like S. Keong, H.Yuen, P.Yee... too bad that M.Hong cant attend...

after the barbeque, some of us went to a restaurant to have a drink. 6 people go, 4 of us are studying in other states. sometimes feel a bit envy about them... when listening to their college
life... there were something that i dont know, feel curious about it... i was just listening them talking about "how to go to school" "how much the distance between school and home" "what's their free time activities" "how tough the lessons". these are the things that i no need to tell them. that moment i realize that my life had never change and not as fresh, as interesting as theirs... will i have these type of life in the future?

ok... change the mood...

whoa!!! just received the shoes that i ordered online!! look small... but its fit!!(luckily) but... hard to get in... fortunately... i find a way to make my leg can get in easier... socks... seems the socks can decrease the friction between the skin and the clothes of the shoes... teaching physics... hahaha!!!

how is it?? hope the comment about it wont be so bad...

PS: Mr. people-who-in-ipoh, stop stealing my photos and upload it without my permission ok!!! ok... not permission... at least TELL me ok!!!